Good Start-2023, struggle, struggle, let’s start again!

2023, struggle, struggle, let’s start again!

Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group and the top consulting institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and industrial alliances in the domestic steel industry have carried out extensive cooperation in production, learning, research and application. Advanced production equipment, superb technical force, excellent management and technical personnel, and strong financial strength provide a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality, refined and cutting-edge products. It has taken the lead in initiating, drafting and formulating a series of application-oriented enterprise standards, group standards and industry standards, such as “square square tubes for building structures”, “square tubes for mechanical structures”, and “hot-dip galvanized square tubes for structures”, The company’s production lines of 500 *500 mm, 300 *300mm and 200 *200 mm have realized the automation of electric control from type change to finished products.

The Group has 51 black high-frequency welded pipe production lines, 10 hot-dip galvanized processing lines, 3 spiral welded pipe production lines, 1 JCOE1420 straight seam steel pipe production line, square steel pipe products are widely used in fabricated steel structure buildings, glass curtain wall projects, steel structure projects, large venues, airport construction, high-speed, roads, decorative guardrails, tower crane manufacturing, photovoltaic projects, greenhouse agricultural shanty buildings, bridge manufacturing, ship and automobile manufacturing, Machinery manufacturing and other fields have received unanimous praise in major construction projects. “Yuantai Derun” brand rectangular tube is the only supplier of 70000 ton rectangular tube products for the “the Belt and Road” Egyptian agricultural greenhouse project of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, the only supplier of 115000 ton hot-dip galvanized structural tubular piles for the construction of Qinghai ten million kilowatt ultra-high voltage photovoltaic new energy base, the only supplier of hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube products for the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Project, the National Stadium, the National Grand Theater Beijing Tongzhou Administrative Service Center and other national key project square tube suppliers are high-quality partners of China Minmetals, Shanghai Construction Engineering, China Railway Construction, China National Machinery, Hangxiao Steel Structure, multi-dimensional United Group and other well-known enterprises. Yuantai has a standing stock of more than 200000 tons, and its annual shipment specification is 20 * 20 * 1.0-1000 * 1000 * 50mm, 20 * 30 * 1.0-800 * 1200 * 50mm, Φ 219— Φ The current capacity of 1420mm black, hot-dip galvanized square and spiral welded pipes made of Q195-Q460 materials is nearly 5 million tons. After the completion of Tangshan new base, the total capacity will reach 10 million tons. Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group is the executive vice-chairman unit of the China Square Tube Industry Development and Cooperative Innovation Alliance (the registered name of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology is “Tianjin Square Tube Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance”), the specially invited executive director unit of the China Steel Structure Association, the executive director unit of the cold-formed steel branch of the China Steel Structure Association, and the vice-chairman unit of the prefabricated construction industry innovation alliance.

The company has ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, OHSAS18001 certification, European Union CE10219 system certification, French Bureau of Shipping BV certification, Norwegian DNV certification, American ABS certification, and Japanese JIS industrial standard certification. While ensuring quality, we continue to reduce management costs, improve management efficiency, take the lead in the industry to adopt the national unified quotation, and publicize the cost calculation formula of order, which greatly benefits partners and users. Century-old Yuantai, Derun people, Tianjin Yuantai Derun Group is committed to providing excellent products and services for steel pipe users, and is determined to make structural steel pipes more widely used in China’s economic development and construction, so that all partners can do more simple business. We continue to extend the industrial chain, expand the industrial cluster, form the scale advantage, and continue to cultivate the incremental market. We actively work with leading scientific research institutions and consulting institutions in the domestic steel industry to form the cubic tube association and industrial innovation alliance, gather industry wisdom and resources, carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation on the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the square tube industry, and jointly make unremitting efforts for the green future of the square tube industry. We look forward to working with you in good faith, mutual benefit and win-win situation, seeking common development and creating brilliant future!

Post time: 2023-01-29